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Cooker Rules

General Guidelines

  • All cookers will need to get a permit from the State Department of Health. They will be on site to issue permits and there is NO FEE for chili and salsa cookers.

  • After a sample of your chili has been submitted to be judged, cookers may add beans to their chili to increase supplies.

  • It is recommended that cookers cook a minimum of 2 gallons of chili to have ample samples for People's Choice Award.

Cooker's bags will be given to each Team.

Chili Cooking

CHILI COOKED ON SITE:  All chili must be cooked from scratch on site the day of the cook off.  All chili must be prepared in the open (no cooking in motor homes,
etc.)  All cooking must be done with propane or camp stove, not electric burners.

ONE RED CHILI PER COOK:  Each head cook is responsible for preparing one (1) pot of chili that he or she intends to be judged and turning in one (1) judging cup from that pot.  No more than one (1) judging sample can be taken from any pot.

PENALTIES:  Failure to Comply with CASI rules will result in disqualification of an individual cook.


Salsa Competition

  • Salsa must be prepared on site.

  • Enough salsa must be made for samples.

  • Salsa Competition winner will be selected by a People's Choice Award.

  • Cooker's bags will be given to each Team.


  • At least one (1) member of each showmanship team must enter the chili competition.

  • Contestants should bring sign(s) identifying your chili team name and chili booth, decorations, props, costumes, battery-powered amplifier, musical instruments, giveaways and any other equipment may be used in showmanship.

  • JUDGING CRITERIA:  Showmanship, like chili, must be in good taste and is judged on the following five (5) criteria:  THEME, COSTUME, BOOTH SET-UP, ACTION, and AUDIENCE APPEAL.


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