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2016 Winners

Red Chili Winners (CASI Rules)
1st Bill Pierson, Batavia, IL (174)
2nd Rocky Kimball, Highlands Ranch, CO (177)
3rd Karen Hendricks, Broomsfield, CO (199)
4th James Burns, Point, TX (183)
5th Robert DeLashaw, Quinlin, TX (184)
6th Cheryl Pierson, Batavia, IL (174)
Michelle Dallas, Cheyenne, WY (196)
8th Gary Kuka, Parker, CO (190)
9th Mary Ann Parish, Cheyenne, WY (180)
10th John Montgomery, Golden, CO (200)

Green Chili Winners
1st Dustin Ludwig, Torrington, WY (185)
2nd Tom Parish, Cheyenne, WY (181)
3rd Kathy Griffith, Cheyenne, WY (189)
4th Tammy Bennett, Cheyenne, WY (188)

5th James Burns, Point, TX (183)
6th Michelle Dallas, Cheyenne, WY (196)
7th Jeremy Hugus, Casper, WY (186)

People’s Choice, Red Chili
James Burns, Point, TX (183)

People’s Choice, Green Chili
Jeff Allen, Laramie, WY (194)

Green Horn Winner
James Burns, Point, TX (183)

Peoples Choice – Salsa
Jeremy Hugus, Casper, WY (186)

Jr Red Chili
Spencer Rabou, Chewbacca Chili, Albin,WY (205)




Showmanship (CASI Rules)
1st "Chili Lab", Dustin Ludwig, Torrington, WY (185)

Bill Pierson, Batavia, IL, 2016 Red Chili Winner